Stop Pride 2019

It's a movement!!!!

First off, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! With a new year, comes new responsibilities to self. One responsibility I promised myself to keep is to STOP PRiDE! Yes, small "I."

This is a new movement, a new challenge that I think I am ready to accomplish and I hope to inspire you to join me! There's just one thing... how can you stop something that you may be blind to?!?

OUCH! That hurt even as I typed it. Pride will have you completely blinded by YOU! You are and will stand in your own way without even realizing it. So let's tackle this together: what is Pride (and no, not the film).

"Pride: a feeling or deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one's own achievements, the achievements of those with whom one is closely associated, or from qualities or possessions that are widely admired."

Most also know pride to be our ego. It is the thing that tells you that you are right and justified for feeling the way you feel about something or somebod…

woMan to bE

I had a dream about a woman.
She was intriguing.
She had on a long skirt, no bra, hair as natural as can be.
As she walked closer, I can smell the strong aroma of patchouli...
with a little hint of weed.
A hippie... a black one at that!
She had her guitar and rocked back and forth.
The closer she got to me, the more I could see
That this woman wasn't just a woman but this woman was me.

She had scars on her body, up and down her arms and neck.
Signs of pain she suffered and ounces of regret.
She walked in confidence but something was not right.
She slurred her vocabulary words and vowels as if they were tight.
She wanted to be cool, she wanted to be hip,
but all those things were natural for she was trying to fit in.

When we finally got face to face, I saw she was in a dark place.
The things she battled with, some not all her own.
Soon the smile dissipates and the anger did set.
"How was she this angry?" It could not be with me.
My eyes did not prepare me for what I would…

Travel, Girl to Central America!

Girrrrrl (or Boy), in August 2018, I traveled to Costa Rica! I traveled with a couple of my classmates after our graduation and spent less than $1,500 on this trip!  To be honest, we had been discussing this trip for months since the beginning of our grad program but booked our adventure less than a month away! I apologize that this post is very vague but I let the pictures speak for themselves... Enjoy!!!

We stayed at a hot springs lodge by the Arenal volcano which is 3 hours from San Jose! This picture (above) was Day Two and the first day in months that the natives had seen the top of the volcano! We were so blessed to see it that morning for an hour or so!

I had the experience of a lifetime by zip lining through the jungle!
(The best meal I've ever experienced in CR!)

"Let's go to the square!" Next up, great scenery!


This blog post title is inspired by the saying "you are what you eat." This applies because we consume more than food on a daily basis. We watch various videos, commercials, television shows, movies, IG stories, Facebook stories, and snaps. We read different things whether they are motivating, inspiring, instructional, funny, boring, or simple. These are all things we consume within our brain's mental processes so we retent more than we think. With this consumption, we can repeat what we saw or what was processed. In other words, what we "ate" has digested in us and has now become apart of us. In my case, I have consumed thoughts and therefore, actions that have reflected failure.

My grad program gradually showed me the things I have consumed. I learned about my mindsets and habits. I had goals that I did not know I had or bad thoughts & habits I need to improve on or get rid of. Although I have many strengths (I don't want to beat myself too bad), I a…

Cute is the New Adorable

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Type "cute" into Google Search, click Images and let me know what you see Is it just me or when someone says "you're cute" and attempt to be romantic about it, it's an insult? 
Do you ever get tired of hearing that and feeling insulted or average? {In the words of this generation, "basic"}
When you hear "cute" do you not think of puppies? Puppies are adorable... therefore, cute is the new adorable.
Yes, it's a spin-off of Orange is the New Black which is a great show, btw. But when I hear cute now, I try my best to correct them. Simply saying AND believing "I'm beautiful" is setting high expectations and also kind offffff expanding people's vocabulary. Cute, sweet, pretty, hot, and fine are not typically terms of beauty you want to hear so why not set higher expectations?
Say you went out to Jazz Night or to party and you are wearin…


Happy 4 years to Empowering For The Future!
Every year, I take this day to reflect on the fact that I actually made it this far. I never thought I would commit to something like this and that it would contribute to my growth. This blog is my testimony!
When I first started this blog, everything was looking hopeful. I thought I finally found people, women specifically, who I could trust and establish a lifetime friendship with. Of course, I was wrong. However, my overall experience with women and empowerment has been apart of my purpose and looking back, it's always been staring at me in my face.
Empowering for the Future's original creation was to be a hobby and strictly for empowering women. Once again, me being wrong was a turn further into my purpose. I had no idea that politics, social justice, activism, and empowerment were all things that would come from this blog. This blog is used as an agency and way of expressing my views as a millennial, black, woman which is a per…

Single For LYfe: Don't Need a Man

Welcome to Part 6 of Single for LYfe! I think we all have been guilty of saying any of these: "I don't need a man to supply my needs." "I can cook, clean, pay my own bills, get my own hair and nails done." "Everything he can do, I can do better." We walk around holding our noses high in the air like all the male species are little boys out here acting like dogs. I think the keyword in that last statement isn't 'dogs' (because some of them are LOL jk) but the keyword is 'boys'. Not all the male species are little boys. We must be able to decipher the difference between a boy and a man.

A BOY plays games and doesn't value the females in his life. He says and does whatever he thinks you want to hear in order to get his way and do what he really wants. He shows you himself multiple times but knows how to finesse your appealing nature. This boy doesn't commit and will waste your time 2017. However, a …